Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monkey Bread

Growing up, I always heard about my grandma making this and it being so delicious. Since I was little I wanted to make monkey bread but just never got around to it...the name just *sounded* complicated. Well, I am here to tell you not only is it *very* simple, its also *very* affordable!

I will admit...I messed this recipe up the first time. It was a complete disaster because I was not paying attention. So pay attention or you will end up with a pile of uncooked, buttery biscuit chunks all over the place...literally!! Learn from my mistakes (yes, plural!) and everything should be a-okay.  :)

*Recommendations added at the end of the recipe*

**Pictures will be added at the end of the post**

Here you'll need:

  • 4 cans of refrigerated biscuits
  • 1 c. packed brown sugar (I used light)
  • 1 1/2 sticks of butter
  • 1/2 c. white sugar
  • 2 Tbl. ground cinnamon
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9-10" tube pan. Mix white sugar and cinnamon together in a medium sized plastic bag and shake well. Cut the biscuits into halves or quarters (I did quarters) and place six to eight biscuit pieces into the bag at a time; shake well. Once all the pieces are coated, place into the greased tube pan. Continue until all pieces are in the pan. In a small saucepan, melt the butter and brown sugar over medium heat. Boil for one minute; pour over layered biscuits. Bake for 35-40 minutes. Allow the bread to cool then turn out onto a plate. 


1. If you are using a size smaller than the 10" tube pan (mine was 9.5") then I suggest using 3 cans of refrigerated biscuits instead of the original 4. Once it has completely cooked, it will rise significantly and pour over the pan edges leaving you with a big mess to clean.
2. Which brings me to my second recommendation: place this on a cookie sheet before placing it in the oven. Cleaning the cookie sheet if you do end up having spills is much better than cleaning your oven.
3. Make sure you grease your pan!! The second time I made this, I forgot to spray the pan (because I was so excited I didn't make the mistakes I did the first time) and I ended up not being able to flip it out. Also, cinnamon and brown sugar are *not* interchangeable in this recipe...that was my first mistake. So if you somehow mixed them up, do yourself the favor and just through it out! 

 The brand of biscuits I used. I just love the Pillsbury dough-boy. :)
 This is the equivalent of one can of biscuits. As you can see, I tore them instead of cut them. I was just being lazy...but it worked!
 Placing the biscuits after they have been covered in the sugar/cinnamon mix.
 The butter and brown sugar melting into a delicious syrup
 In the oven!! By the do not want to fill the pan to the brim like it is in the picture.
Otherwise, it overspills like this. Not that its not still delicious BUT it will save on cleaning. 

Now that you have this super simple, super addictive recipe (because once you eat it you won't want to stop!): Create, Share & Enjoy! :)

[[Original recipe can be found at Easy Monkey Bread Recipe]]


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